About Me

My name is Mark Fennell. I am a Visionary and Teacher.

I am here to Teach the New Truths of Science, Spirituality, and Society.

I am here to Guide Individuals along their Mental and Spiritual Evolution.

I am also here to Lead Humanity into the Golden Future – a future that Can BE Our Reality.

In this life I am many things: Scientist, Poet, and Philosopher. Writer and Public Speaker. Researcher and Discoverer. Artist and Creative Spirit. An Inventor. A Happy Dancer.

I am an Ancient Soul. A Modern Spiritualist. I am a man sent here from above, on a series of Missions for the benefit of the people.

My Mental Abilities are far above average. I have experienced numerous Metaphysical Realities…many of which are Rare even among spiritualists.

Visionary, Teacher, and Spiritual Leader.

Above all: I am a Visionary, a Teacher, and a Spiritual Leader.

I teach wisdom in many topics areas, in a variety of formats, to people throughout the world.

I make discoveries, which I then teach to the public. These are written in books (over 90 books; with several more in progress) and articles (over 100). Many discoveries are also demonstrated in presentations and videos.

I also try to lead by example, and am sometimes called a Quiet Leader. Some friends have told me they have learned and grown “just by having me in their life”.

I am all these things and more. There is no one else like me, and never shall be again.

What Others have Said About Me

I have been called “a Modern Einstein” and “Leonardo Da Vinci Reincarnated“. Some have said that I am “beyond genius” and a “true Renaissance Man”.

Many have said that I am “a Good Man”, with “a big heart”. Several people have said they can feel these heart energies across the room. (Animals have sensed this too, approaching me on their own).

I have been told that I “carry myself like a Spiritual Leader“.

Several people who have come to my presentations have said that I have “Powerful Stage Presence” with “Energies that can fill the room”.

I have Strong Energies, in many Forms.

One fan has called me “a Rock Star, Sex God, and Modern Genius.”

She said I have a “Magnetic Charisma”, and a “Stage Presence which is Greater than that of Deepak Chopra” (whom she had also seen in person).

That, my friends, is Who I Am……

Presentations, Books, Articles, and Videos

Please come to a Presentation when I am in your area. I will enlighten you with knowledge and wisdom not accessible anywhere else.

I am known for explaining concepts simply and clearly, which means you will actually learn and understand – regardless of your background. Whether in the form of books, articles, videos, or presentations…you will become enlightened and understand, with very little mental effort.

Use this website as a starting point to learn about many New Truths. Learn the new Truths in Science, in Spirituality, and in Social Structures. Here you will find links to Articles, Books, Videos, and more on next generation concepts for a variety of topics.

I am always making discoveries, writing books, and making videos. This website will be updated accordingly.

Enjoy…be Enlightened…and Evolve to the Next Level.

Mark Fennell

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