About Designer for Flood Control and Hurricane Mitigation

Regarding the design of this Flood Control System, the reader should know that I have studied civil engineering over a lifetime. My studies of civil engineering began at age of 10, and have been ongoing through the present day.

This includes water management systems, tunnels, mining, and electrical power.

Therefore, what I bring to this design is a true lifetime of studies of civil engineering, with a more recent adult lifetime of studies in advanced physics. From ancient engineering to modern techniques, I have studied numerous practical aspects of everything of civil engineering.

1. We begin with the Ancient Engineers. I have studied the detailed engineering designs of the ancient engineers. This includes the designs of Romans, Babylonians, Aztecs, and Egyptians. I studied the engineering of these cultures many years before beginning this project.

2. More recently, when refining the designs for this project in 2017, I carefully examined the water engineering designs and the tunnel designs of each of these ancient engineers. Again, the specific designs studied included: Water Management, Tunnel Systems, and Construction Techniques.

3. I also have a lifetime of personal experience with natural curiosity. Like Leonardo Da Vinci, I have always enjoyed observing the world around me, and studying how things work. Every time I walked along a dam, I took personal observations of the dam construction, reservoir systems, and related infrastructure. I also spent several summers along a levee, where I studied the construction on my own. Again, this is a lifetime of observations and personal study.

4. Also note that I have personally experienced flooding in Houston, and Dallas; throughout much of Ohio; and several areas of Indiana. I know the geography, the topography, and the existing inadequate drainage systems in each of those areas.

5. I also have been to Bavaria and the Czech Republic. I know the territory and the engineering history. I have also spent time along the Danube, and have studied the historic flooding of the regions.

6. I bring extensive experience from the Red Cross Disaster Services. During my entire college years (from Freshman to Masters Degree), I volunteered for the Red Cross Disaster Services. From the Red Cross, I learned practical tips on emergency response. I assisted the Dallas Red Cross in reviewing their regional disaster plan. I also organized the library of the San Francisco Red Cross, setting up their first database. This  allowed me to read numerous publications on actual disasters and disaster preparedness plans.

7. OSHA Training also is used here. I took a training class with firefighters and other disaster response personnel on responding to emergency events. The information has become part of my instinctual knowledge.

8. I have also created the most accurate series of books on Electrical Power. Every aspect of electrical power has been studied, with personal visits to several facilities. Therefore the practical designs of electrical power, and of energy transfer in general, are well known to this inventor.

9. Furthermore, when it comes to understanding energy and motion, there is nobody who understands the physical processes of energy better than myself. (See books on Gravity, Energy-Mass, and Theory of Everything). Therefore the reader can be assured that these designs incorporate the most advanced knowledge of energy harnessing at this time.

Therefore, these Designs on Flood Control and Hurricane Mitigation are practical. These designs are based on a true lifetime of studies and personal experiences. When installed and maintained properly, these Designs will reduce damage as well as harness resources.

The Advanced Flood Control Design will work. The several Hurricane Mitigation Designs will also work. These designs are based on a personal lifetime of study, personal visits, and careful observations. These designs are based on the examination of the civil engineering techniques of the past 4,000 years; as well as the most advanced methods of today. These designs will work.

As a final note: the only reason I provide this “About Designer” page is so that city planners and engineers will look at this proposal with respect. This page is not written to talk about me, it is written so that the regional planners will seriously consider building this Design.

Use this design. Modify it as you believe is appropriate. Just build it.

Each Design is available on Amazon.

  1. Advanced Flood Control System: Main Book
  2. Advanced Flood Control System: Abridged
  3. How to Build an Advanced Flood Control System
  4. Practical Hurricane Mitigation Designs