Table of Contents of Red Shift Book

Table of Contents for The True Explanation of Red Shift


  1. Overview of Red Shift Processes
  2. Specific Observations Related to Red Shift
  3. Incorrect Understanding from Traditional Science
  4. Baseball on Train Part A – Basic Concepts
  5. Baseball on Train Part B – Energy Flows
  6. Baseball on Train Part C – Rearranging the Analogy
  7. Bicycle Tire Analogy
  8. Red Shift Process – Step by Step
  9. Atomic Motion
  10. Energy vs Speed
  11. Speed of Photons
  12. Structure and Motion of Stars
  13. Advanced Understanding of Fusion
  14. Creation of Photon Cores
  15. Photon Structure, Assembly, and Launching
  16. Pulsation, Frequency, and Wavelength
  17. *Particle Wave Duality Explained*
  18. Clarifying Common Misconceptions
  19. Putting it All Together: Red Shift Explained

230 pages; 25 Full-Color Drawings

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