List of Drawings for Hurricane Mitigation Designs

The following is the list of Drawings for the Hurricane Mitigation and Hurricane Power Harnessing Designs.

A1. Hurricane Power Harnessing Ships
  • A1.1 Schematic for Hurricane Harnessing Ships
  • A1.2 Interior Side View of Harnessing System
  • A1.3 Structural Stability of Turbine System
  • A1.4 Staggering the Harnessing Ships
  • A1.5 Fleet of Ships Encircling Hurricane
  • A1.6 Wind Sponge
  • A1.7 Tubes of Wind Sponge
A2. Artificial Island Bases
  • A2.1 Support Post Geometry
  • A2.2 Posts and Main Level vs Water Level
  • A2.3 Barge of Debris Filling Support Posts
  • A3.4 Drainage and Filtered Water
  • A2.5 General Layout as Viewed from Above
  • A2.6 Island Side View
A3. Cyclone Disrupting Explosions
  • A3.1 Shooting Explosives from Plane
  • A3.2 Process of Cyclone Disruption
  • A3.3 Disrupting the Hurricane Structure
  • A3.4 Collapsing Hurricane into Smaller Winds
A4. Energy Curtains
  • A4.1 Energy Curtains Basic Design
  • A4.2 Building the Energy Columns
  • A4.3 Spread of Energy Creates the Energy Curtain
  • A4.4 Double Spread from Both Emitter and Reflector
  • A4.5 The Full Energy Curtain
  • A4.6 Capturing Wind Using Energy Curtain
  • A4.7 Best Position of Ship to Wind
  • A4.8 Stacked Energy Curtains

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