True Understanding of Red Shift

True Understanding of Red Shift

Red Shift is the process where frequencies emitted from stars is shifted from a standard set of frequencies here on earth. Traditional scientists believe the cause is due to Einstein’s Relativity. However, this is not correct. The true process can actually be explained in Newtonian terms, and is much more logical.

In this book you will learn the true causes of this frequency shift. The explanations are given in simple English, supplemented with several pictures. This book is the first publication of this information on Red Shift.

Chapter 7 is one of my Best Writings

Note that chapter 7 of this book is one of the best single writings of my entire career. The chapter is titled “The Analogy of the Bicycle”.

Using this analogy of the Bicycle we can explain much about the nature of light. The price of the book is worth it for Chapter 7 alone.

Additional Scientific Firsts

In addition to the correct explanation of Red Shift, this book provides several other scientific firsts. In this book, the reader will learn, for the first time anywhere, the following scientific discoveries:

  1. Structure of the Photon
  2. Physical Cause of Frequency
  3. Solution to Particle-Wave Duality
  4. True Meaning of the Constant Speed of Light
  5. Physical Cause of Constant Speed of Light
  6. Nuclear Binding Processes (Fusion)
  7. Insights into Neutrinos and Beta Decay
  8. True Cause of Red Shift

Each of these concepts is explained simply, using ordinary language and analogies. The most important concepts are shown in color illustrations. There is no math.

This book is designed to be easily understood by the general reader. However, it is recommended for those readers who are willing to see beyond the traditional views.

230 pages; 25 Full-Color Drawings

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