Specific Missions

I have several Missions in this life. Each Mission is something much Greater than myself.

Much, Much Greater.

I encourage you to join me on these Missions. There are many things you can do – from simple acts such as sharing information on social media, to more dedicated projects such as event planning. Together we can achieve great things for humanity.

Some of these Specific Missions include the following:

1. Replacing all of physics with a New Physics. This is an entire set of science concepts which are more accurate, much simpler, and more cohesive, than anything before.

2. Teaching the New Physics – through Demonstrations, Presentations, Videos, and Interactive Experiences. Getting these Concepts to be discussed and adopted by the popular culture.

3. Guiding the individuals to use their minds more effectively. Evolving our societies and popular cultures to embrace intelligence. Raising the collective mental abilities of society, thereby naturally reducing the majority of problems of the world today.

4. Allowing both Science and Spirituality to co-exist freely in all areas of our lives. Evolving the popular culture to see that both are equally true, and to allow a mixture of spirituality and science, as free and open discussions, in any arena.

5. Evolving the souls of humanity. Guiding each person’s soul to grow and evolve. At the same time, guiding humanity collectively to the next stage of spiritual and biological evolution.

6. Replacing darkness with Light. Eradicating the negative emotions, while Establishing the ways of Kindness and Unity.

7. Teaching the New Truths of Spirituality – of which there are many. The world has been locked in the limitations of old spiritual truths for centuries. In order to evolve humanity, we must gradually get the people to see the New Spiritual Truths.

In general terms, Our Missions are:

To Offer Wisdom and Enlightenment – for those who are ready. To Teach the New Truths: in the areas of Science, Spirituality, and Society. To Grow Men’s Souls and Enlighten their Minds…in many ways. To Evolve Humanity – individually and collectively – as we Guide them into the Future.

You can read more Details about each of these Missions by clicking on the individual links above.

I encourage you Accompany me on the Journey. We need dedicated people like you to help Evolve Humanity in these ways. Click here to Learn More on How You can Support These Missions.

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