“How many souls have you touched today, that’s what it is all about.” – M.F.

I enjoy sharing my experiences and discoveries. I enjoy collaborating with fellow creative and forward-thinking people on various projects. You can contact me through the methods below.

My preferred method of communication is through Facebook. You can contact me at my Mark Fennell Facebook Page. I also have a page for my publications and discoveries, at Intelligent Community Solutions.

Note that I will respond to Facebook communications more quickly for initial conversations. After we become friends and develop a relationship, I can make you a higher priority in my email and cell phone communications.

On the other hand, if you are inviting me to an event, or need a question answered in a short time, then the cell phone may be the best.

And remember…while I love to share my wisdom…I am also a writer and a deep thinker. I may be immersed in one of my projects for a while. I may be figuring out another mystery of the universe, or writing discoveries in my next book.

Don’t take it personally if  I don’t respond right away. I will communicate only with the media or my closest friends during this time of deep immersion. But I will gladly respond and get to know you when I return…

“Give the world all your Hope, Love, and Laughter. These must be in your goals.” – M.F.