Path to Enlightenment: Celebrate The Cerebral (CTC)

Path to Enlightenment and Evolution: Celebrate the Cerebral

“Celebrate the Cerebral” is a Method of Personal Growth. It is a Path toward Enlightenment. It is a Social Movement which will evolve humanity to the next level.

By “Celebrating the Cerebral” we can achieve greater marvels with our minds. As individuals and as a society, we can grow and we can reach new levels of being. When we harness the untapped potential of our minds, we can improve many aspects of ourselves and our society.

Join us on this Path. Join us on this Movement. It is time to Celebrate the Mind, and Learn to Harness the many untapped abilities of our mind.

Read more about the “Celebrate the Cerebral” path to personal growth and human evolution HERE. Also read the General Purposes of the Celebration Days.

Calendar of Events to Celebrate the Cerebral

Each month we will focus on a particular aspect of the mind. We will spend time appreciating that aspect of your brain. We will also do games and exercises which will help you develop and evolve those aspects of your mind.

We will also devote specific dates throughout the year to specific activities related to the mind. For that one day, we will celebrate, appreciate, and evolve the abilities of that aspect of our mind.

See the Calendar of Celebrating the Cerebral for the focus topic of each month, and specific dates for appreciation/development games.