Dr. EZ’s Magic Jet Skis

Dr. EZ’s MAGIC Jet Skis: The Spirals of Life

My primary science fiction series is “Dr. EZ’s Magic Jet Skis”.

The basic premise is that Dr. EZ is goofy genius who takes kids on tours to unusual locations, using his “special jet skis”. This leads to a series of adventures, where the kids get to experience a variety of fantastic and wonderful things.

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Praise for Science Fiction stories Written by Mark Fennell

“Wow! I just finished reading your book. Super great. You are an excellent writer!  // Poet! Scientist! Novelist! You are Amazing!” -D.S. of San Francisco.

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Stories About Family

The stories in this series are foremost about Family. Yes, it is science fiction; and yes there are adventures; yet Family is the primary center point of the novels. I hope you fall in love with the family, and want to spend time with them, as they go through their experiences. Read More Here

First-Hand Experiences of Quantum Science and Deep Space

*This is where the Real Adventures and Fantastic Experiences will be Encountered!

In the places that Dr. EZ takes the children, we get to experience realities that we don’t normally. We will then experience – directly – what it is like  to touch, see, and feel in various ways certain realities of our universe.

As these kids experience these fantastic realities, and describe their experiences, we will also be there…experiencing these fantastic phenomena for ourselves!

As you read these books, you will get to experience first-hand what it is like to ride on top of a photon or to orbit a nucleus. The textures, the colors, the physical and emotional sensations…will all be there for you to feel and experience!

You will be bounced around on magnetic energies, you will be pulled along the gravitational strings, and you will ride inside an electron. You will travel to quasars and black holes. You will delve into the deepest caves of the earth.

Each of these experiences, and many more, will be yours as you travel with the good Dr. EZ on his adventures.

Thus: through these series of books you will get to personally experience many wonders of the universe, on a very personal and very physical level.

Character Development and Character Growth

These stories are not just about the science, but also about the children who experience these adventures. Each character is fully developed, with complex aspects to the personalities. Furthermore, each character has his/her own personal issues to deal with (as teenagers do). These personal issues will be expressed, dealt with, and conquered throughout the series of books.

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Humor Throughout

These stories have humor spread throughout, with the family playing together. And you are welcome to join in the fun! Read More Here

Sample Excerpts from “Dr. EZ’s Magic Jet Skis”
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Previews for the Movies and TV Shows based on Dr. EZ books

The “Dr. EZ” series will be made into television shows and feature films. They will be made with quality graphics and special effects, to stay close to the content of the books. This will allow you to get the full experience of these adventures.

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