Letter to Skeptics

I feel I should write the following. This is addressed to skeptics, rationalists, as well as to true spiritualists.

I am both a Scientist and a Spiritualist. I know both physics and metaphysics. Therefore, I can tell you with absolute accuracy that there is a metaphysical world, and it is very sophisticated.

Let us begin with who I really am. I am not your ordinary human. I have an Advanced Soul. My soul is over 10,000 years old. I came here from a higher metaphysical realm, for the purposes of teaching humanity.

I have been here before, many times in ancient Egypt. A few times in Germany.

It is my purpose in this lifetime to teach humanity the new truths. These are the new truths in science, spirituality, and society structures. It is my job to help humanity evolve to the next level.

In my earliest years, everyone looked into my eyes and saw what they called “Yoda eyes”…the eyes of the deep soul.

As an adult, I once met a Presidential Candidate. He looked in my eyes and saw the same thing; he wasn’t sure what to make of what he saw. To him, I was unlike anything he had ever seen before. And he has met many important people.

Between the ages of 0 and 8, I felt my body was wrong. I later understood that I still had memory of my spiritual self, and larger spiritual presence, before coming to earth.

More recently, I have experienced my soul as being as large as a two story building. The expansion and freedom I felt during those weeks was phenomenal.

My very first thought that I can remember was “I want to be a scientist, philosopher, and poet”. Later I had metaphysical friends come tell me that this was correct, it is my soul mission.

During this lifetime, I have had numerous metaphysical experiences and communications. I have had far more than most. Many of these experiences, I can not share. This is because humanity is not ready, or because my metaphysical friends have asked me not to.

However, as a trained scientist, I know how to observe and report objectively. I know what can be explained by science…and what cannot. Therefore when I say my experiences are real, you should know they are real.

I would also like to point out that my first job after college was as a Manufacturing Engineer. For a microchip manufacturing company. There was quality control, deadlines, and real world consequences for decisions. This was as practical as you can get.

Therefore, again, if I say that I have talked to metaphysical friends and traveled to other realms…you can be certain that these experiences are just as real.

Also note that I have never partaken in any drugs or alcohol, ever, in my entire life. Therefore, my mind has always been clear, at all times.

I am indeed an Advanced Soul, here on an Important Mission. A mission which is much greater than myself.

Experiences with Metaphysical

Here are some of the categories of experiences I have had with the metaphysical. Note that each of these categories has occurred multiple times.

  • Angels visitations: seen and physical touch
  • Muses visitations: seen and physical touch
  • Visited by Metaphysical Friends, from all eras of history
  • Psychic Voices
  • Audible Voices
  • Spoken to in Foreign Languages (Latin and German)
  • Singing of Spiritual Friends, various styles and voices
  • Chorus of Singing Spiritual Friends on Christmas
  • Seeing Vortexes of Spiritual Travel
  • Seeing Spirit Friends in the Room and Above Me
  • Flying with Spirit Friends
  • Astral Travel to Different Locations
  • Remote Viewing
  • Taken to Metaphysical Realms
  • Talked to People in Metaphysical Realms
  • Touched Objects in Metaphysical Realms
  • Visions – Historic, Future, and Technology
  • Downloads of Information, at a Fast Rate
  • Given suggestions for research locations and topics
  • Shown information which only I am allowed to know
  • Radio and cell phone played with, tv channels changing, always for specific items
  • Appearance of specific objects at specific times
  • ESP: My thoughts imparted to others nearby
  • “Knowing” something…later finding proof it is true.
  • Other experiences…which humanity is not ready for

My abilities are far advanced of most humans. This is just a fact. I am on the same level with Tesla, Newton, and Plato. You can trust that what I offer in my books, videos, and presentations are the Truth.

Some of my Many Metaphysical Friends

I have been visited by many great men and women from history. In a special video (which only my journal guardians have) I tell the complete list of people, and some of the experiences.

These great men and women announce their presence, often talking to me, giving me advice, and even collaborating with me. Here are a few of those who have visited me.

1. Scientists and Geniuses such as: Gottfried Leibniz,  Alexander von Humbolt, Tesla’s Assistants, Wolfgang Pauli, various Atomic Physicists.

2. Heroes such as: Neil Armstrong, Audie Murphy; many from WWII and Vietnam; Native American Warriors; Soldiers from Medieval Period.

3. Great Musicians and Artists such as: John Lennon, George Harrison, Langston Hughes, Euripides, Vivaldi, Fred Rogers, Orpheus.

4. Emperors and Kings, such as: Emperor Titus, Emperor Augustus, Pharaoh Thutmose III, King Agamemnon, Catherine de Medici, President James Polk.

5. Numerous other friends, men and women. Many scientists and manufacturing engineer types. Many artist types. Various others. Some I know their name, others I have seen their presence but don’t know their name.

*This is by no means a complete list. There are many, many, many more. I am thankful to each person who has come to visit me, to talk to me, to counsel me. Especially to those whom I can not name publicly.

Major Messages to Me Regarding My Life

There are several important messages which my Metaphysical Friends have told me, regarding my Mission. I hesitated to share because these are personal messages. Yet I now think it is important to share, to help emphasize the significance of my Mission.

1. “You were never meant to fit in, you are here to help humanity evolve.”

2. “Are you ready to become part of something much greater than yourself?”

3. “Illuminate Many”

4. “Most of what they teach in Quantum Mechanics is wrong. You know the true answers.”

5. “The world NEEDS you. They need your wisdom. Change the world to the way you see it. Because you have the keys.”

6. “Teach to the world your wisdom, in your personal style, in any public forum you can.”

Got it?! You can see that all those messages align, to being basically the same thing. Teach the world. Advance Humanity. Science, Spirituality, and Civilization. Teach the New Truths, and help Humanity to Evolve.

This also means that I need a Team to make this a reality. If you understand this on a deep level, if you see all that I have to offer the world, then I could really use your help on my Team. Together we can Enlighten the World.

Commentary to Communities of Skeptics

I am part of many intellectual and scientific on-line communities. Quite often I will read  things such as “I have a high IQ and therefore I know the spiritual world does not exist”. Two quotes come to mind each time I read such comments.

The first is from Shakespeare: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Hamlet.

But then I think of this second quote from “A Few Good Men”: You Can’t HANDLE the Truth!!”

You say that you are “rationalist” and “high IQ”, but you don’t know actual reality. There is a world of spiritual beings and spiritual energies. It is far more complex and far more vast than you can fathom.

To deny the existence of the spiritual world is as absurd as to deny the existence of gravity.

I have gotten this from direct experiences. Beings coming to me, as well as myself accessing the spiritual realms directly.

A variety of higher beings have come to me. Touching me. Talking to me. Psychic voices as well as audible voices. Giving me intense dreams, incredible visions. Manipulating physical objects nearby.

I can’t even go public regarding all that I know…because as the quote says “You Can’t Handle the Truth.”

Some of the spirits have even suggested that I keep to myself on certain specific information, because the majority of people are just not ready.

CS Lewis wrote about this once. “Why can’t they see it? They see what they want to see. They are not ready to see it.”

So rather than comment to those posts, which will generally get me nowhere, I provide this general statement. All I can say is that I have personally experienced far more than you can fathom, and much more than I have told even my closest friends.

I hope that this information will lead you to try to become open to the vast reality that exists beyond our traditional senses.

I know that I will never convince those who do not wish to see the truth, but I do hope to plant some seeds which can grow in your mind…allowing you to be open the True Realities that surround us.

Mark Fennell

June 2, 2015