The “Physics for the Next Millennium” is an entire new set of physics concepts which replace the traditional understanding of physics. This is not just replacing physics in one or two areas…but the entire system.

The new system of physics will be easier to understand, more cohesive, and much more accurate. This system will provide a true Advancement of Our Understanding of the Universe…a sophisticated understanding that will lead us far into the Next Millennium.

Books in Physics of Next Millennium

There are many books in the Physics of Next Millennium. Some have been published. Many are in progress.

Please note that the concepts have been fully worked out, only the writing and illustrations need to be completed.

The following are the Books in the Series that are published or will be published soon.

  1. Introduction to Gravity Strings
  2. Momentum Understood as Energy Strings and Molecules
  3. Energy, Mass, and Their Conversions
  4. Understanding Dimensions
  5. Photons in Motion
  6. True Understanding of Red Shift
  7. New Model of the Atom
  8. Advanced Understanding of Subatomic Particles
  9. Basic Science Concepts Explained Simply
  10. Science of Sticking
  11. Physics of Motion (comprehensive treatise)
  12. Simple Solutions to Astronomical Puzzles
  13. Unified Energy Solution: Solved and Explained
  14. Theory of Everything: Solved and Explained

There is also the series of books on Discoveries regarding Electromagnetic Energy. These include:

  1. Fundamental Properties of Electromagnetic Energy
  2. Creation and Emission of Electromagnetic Energy
  3. Photons in Motion: Structure and Motion of Photons
  4. Diffraction and Interference: Explained and Illustrated
  5. Absorption of Electromagnetic Energy
  6. Electromagnetic Energy in Radio Wave Communication
  7. Human Biology and Electromagnetic Energy