Energy, Mass, and Their Conversions

About the Book on Energy and Mass

Energy is the basis for all things. All of the universe, in all aspects, is forms of energy. Yet for many centuries the nature of energy has been discussed as abstract rather than real physical entities. Furthermore, traditional scientists have created complicated methods of working with energy, when the realities of energy are much simpler.

Today we finally have the true and accurate solutions to the mysteries of Energy. We now have physical descriptions and illustrations of energy. We can finally understand the structures and processes of energy.

This book is the first publication to offer these solutions and physical descriptions. The implications of what you will read are profound.

Note that this book contains some of the Deepest Secrets of the Universe. You should read this book only if you are ready to receive this information. Within this book are the true physical descriptions of energy, both the structures and physical processes. Read this book only if you are ready to accept these truths.

Below are some of the truths you will learn in this book regarding Energy and Mass. Note also that these are physical descriptions, with illustrations. These are real entities and processes. Unlike the majority of “explanations”, these are neither abstract nor mathematical.

Therefore, in this book you will learn:

  1. Physical Structure of Energy
  2. True Nature of Energy Strings
  3. How the Energy Strings are Simple 3-Dimensions, not 12
  4. Differences in the Types of Energy
  5. How Each Type of Energy can be Converted into the Others
  6. Merging and Breaking Apart of Energy Strings

You will also learn:

  1. The True Physical Nature of Energy Fields
  2. The Structure and Creation of Particles
  3. Internal Energy and Motion of Particles

Regarding Gravitational Energy, you will learn:

  1. The Physical Structure and Creation of Mass
  2. How Gravity Strings Emerge from the Mass
  3. Relationships Between Magnetic and Gravitational Energy

You will also learn many Conversion Processes, including:

  1. Conversion of Energy into Mass
  2. Conversion of Mass into Energy
  3. Conversion of Each Type of Energy Into the Others
  4. Conversion of The Universal Energy into All Things

Remember that the implications of what you will learn in this book are quite profound. Buy this book only if you are fully ready for the secrets contained within.

Mark Fennell

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