Preface of Energy-Mass Book

What is Energy? What is Mass? How do we convert one into the other? These are the questions we will answer within this book.

Energy and mass are two of the most fundamental entities of the universe. All physical objects and all motions can be based on either energy or mass. And yet, scientists do not really know what these entities are. We can calculate them and measure them. We can make predictions and build technology based on them. Yet what these entities are, as physical objects, have been mysteries to science.

Until now.

Learning the Secrets

In this book you will learn the answers to these great mysteries of science. You will know the physical nature of energy, and the physical nature of mass. You will know what these entities look like, and how they convert into the other.

Physical, Not Mathematical

It is very important to notice that our descriptions will be physical, not mathematical. The majority of physicists attempt to describe things with equations, which is no description at all. Equations are useful for predicting and building, but not for understanding.

In this book, you will see the true physical nature of energy and mass. You will also learn physical processes of energy converting into mass, and of mass converting into energy. These descriptions will be supplemented by numerous full color illustrations.

Therefore, in this book you will have the first true physical representations of energy, mass, and the conversions between them.

Unified Field Theory and Theory of Everything

These physical descriptions will of course lead us to the Unified Field Theory, and the Theory of Everything. In fact, this author has already written developed these theories.

Ask any respected scientist, and he will say that the two major pursuits for science are the Unified Field Theory, and the Theory of Everything. Both of these have now been solved. The first step is understanding the true nature of energy and mass, as presented in this book.

Series of Books Leading to the Ultimate Goal

Note that this Author has already developed and written the Unified Field Theory; which I prefer to call the Unified Energy Solution. Furthermore, this Author has also already developed the sought after Theory of Everything. The details have been discovered.

A short version of these major Theories has been written, yet the paper has been shared with only a few colleagues. Thus the short version of the solution exists, but only in the hands of few people.

In order to fully understand the Solutions to these Grand Theories, the public must be led gradually through the details of each discovery.

Therefore the entire series of books published by this Author leads to the Ultimate Goal of presenting the Unified Theory, and the Theory of Everything. The book in your hands, on Energy and Mass, is one publication step in the teaching of these new concepts.

Chapters Taken from Other Books

Each of the chapters in this book are taken from other books by the Author. Specifically, the first two chapters are taken from the book “New Model of the Atom”. The later four chapters are taken from the book “Photons in Motion”.

Both of these books are works in progress. While working on these other books, I realized the benefits of having a separate book just on Mass and Energy. As a teaching tool and reference, a separate book just on Energy and Mass would be valuable.

However, the reader will notice a few comments and references which make sense only with respect to their original books. Many of these are left in simply because this book is a condensed book of material provided elsewhere; it is easier to assemble the chapters and leave as is than to go through and re-edit every word.

Excerpted from book “Photons in Motion”

Note that many of chapters are taken directly from the book Photons in Motion.  The book Photons in Motion was written first. In that book, the reader learns that Mass-Energy conversions play major roles in the motions of Electromagnetic Energy. Therefore the Mass-Energy chapters were written to lead the reader to understanding how the conversions result in the EM motions.

However, I soon realized that these concepts were important enough to stand on their own. Readers will find value in having physical descriptions of mass and energy. Therefore a separate book (the book in your hands) was created.

Regarding this book, note that most chapters were taken directly from the book Photons in Motion. Therefore you will see many references to Electromagnetic Energy. You may also find some references to topics “discussed later in this book” which you will not find in this book; because that phrase was intended for the original Photons in Motion.

More Details in book “New Model of the Atom”

Also note that much more complete details on the structure of energy are given in the book “New Model of the Atom”. In that book we begin with the One Universal Energy, then develop into all other energies and objects. The reader will find a shortened version within this book on Energy and Mass.

Table of Contents

  1. Energy Strings: Main Concepts
  2. Universal Energy: Creating Energy Types and Mass
  3. Magnetic Strings and Gravity Strings
  4. Mass Energy Conversions
  5. Applications of Mass Energy Conversions
  6. Gravity Strings and Mass Energy Conversions
  7. Review and Conclusion

**Remember that this book gives some of the Deepest Secrets of the Universe. Secrets not known for thousands of years. Therefore this book is a Real Treasure, and should be considered as such.

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