Preface from Understanding Dimensions

The Problem of Confusion

The word “Dimensions” is used in a variety of different contexts, with a variety of different meanings. This leads to compounded errors and misunderstandings.

This interpretation of dimensions may or not be valid for the given situation. Many times, the people in the discussion do not realize that they are talking about different things. The result is a series of misunderstandings, being passed along in discussions, due to the various assumptions of each person when he hears the word “dimension”.

Clarifying the Various Uses of “Dimensions”

Therefore, in this book we will look at the variety of meanings of the word “Dimensions” in each of the different contexts. This will help the reader understand which meaning is most likely being applied by a particular author or presenter.

In particular, we will look at the different ways in which traditional scientists use the term. We will learn what these scientists mean by the word “dimensions”, and what they do not mean. We will also discuss the metaphysical realities of “dimensions”. These clarifications should help the reader more accurately understand any future article or presentation.

The Different Uses of Word “Dimensions”

There are several different uses of the word “Dimensions”. These are the ways that we can understand the Dimensions, in different contexts. The main contexts are:

1. Classical Understanding: x,y,z directions and time

2. Metaphysical Realms

3. Mathematical Factors as Representation of Physical Items

4. Graphs and Drawings, where Dimensions Exist on Paper Only

Physics and Metaphysics

Notice that we will discuss the meanings of Dimensions in both physics and metaphysics. This is important. Whether you are interested in this book as a scientist or as a spiritualist, you will get clarification on Dimensions.

Furthermore, there is some crossover between physics and metaphysics. At its most basic, metaphysics is just another type of physics. Therefore clarifying the distinctions helps all curious minded individuals better understand all of the realities.

Also note that this book was originally written as a chapter in a different book: Deconstructing Space-Time. Therefore you will see in this book (Understanding Dimensions) many clarifications which are specific to the graphics of Space-Time Geometry.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Important Concepts Regarding “Dimensions”
  3. The Different Uses of Word “Dimensions”
  4. Dimensions in Quantum Mechanics
  5. Dimensions in Space-Time
  6. Importance of Knowing the Individual Factors
  7. Graphical Representations of Dimensions
  8. Schrodinger Probability-Wave Drawings
  9. Metaphysical Realms as Dimensions
  10. Overall Summary of “Dimensions” in Each Context

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