Preface of Red Shift Book

The traditional teaching of the Red Shift Process is wrong. In the following pages you will learn the true process of Red Shift.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of Red Shift, the term applies to the frequency of photons being emitted from different stars. Photons shifted to the “red” frequencies have less energy and slower frequency. The photons shifted to the “blue” frequencies have more energy and faster frequency.

While these observations are correct, the explanations for the observations are incorrect. The traditional explanation for the process is the Theory of Relativity, which is itself an incorrect theory. The actual explanation for the Red Shift phenomenon is much simpler, and very Newtonian. When you understand the processes, you will see how simple the true explanation really is.

Thus, the purpose of this book is to explain the true causes of Red Shift. This explanation is very Newtonian, and much simpler than what you have learned before.

Focus of This Book

There are numerous topics related to “Red Shift”. However, in this book we will be focused only on the Primary Cause of Red Shift.

This means we will answer questions such as:

1. When a star moves toward us, why is the observed frequency faster than normal?

2. When a star moves away from us, why is the observed frequency slower than normal?

3. In general, what causes this “shift” in frequency that we observe?

Taken more specifically, in this book we are looking at the stars and their motions, then understanding why the photons we observe being emitted from those starts will have frequencies shifted (either faster or slower) from the norm.

Red Shift and Blue Shift

One shift, two shift, red shift, blue shift…just what is the red shift and blue shift anyway?

We will discuss this in detail throughout the book. However, in the most basic terms we are looking at a star – any star – and observing the frequencies of photons being emitted from that star.

It has been observed that when stars move toward us, the frequencies of emitted photons are faster than normal. Conversely, when stars move away from us, the frequencies of emitted photons are slower than normal.

This is the basic process we are talking about in the book. Frequencies are being “shifted” from the normal emitted frequencies, for the same elements, here on earth. This shifting is also correlated with the direction that the star is moving relative to us.

The traditional explanation is to use space-time, but this explanation is not necessary. A proper understanding of the physics will show that Newtonian concepts explain everything quite well.

“Red” and “Blue” and Comparative Terms

Note that the terms “Red” and “Blue” are not meant to be taken literally. Rather these terms are used as comparisons.

On the visible range of electromagnetic energy, “red” has less energy and slower frequency. Therefore any photon emitted which has slower frequency than normal, is said to be “shifted to red”. This is not literally shifted to the frequency of red, but rather as if in the visible spectrum, but shifted to slower frequency…similar to the position of actual red on the spectrum.

Conversely, the actual blue color has higher energy and faster frequency than other colors in the visible range. Therefore, when a photon is emitted, at any part of the EM spectrum, which has faster frequency than normal, it is compared to the position of blue. Thus it is said to be “shifted to the blue”; though the actual frequency emitted may be nowhere near the actual blue.

Therefore these terms are not meant to be taken literally, but rather to be taken comparatively. The “Red Shift” means the emitted photon has lower energy and slower frequency than normal. The “Blue Shift” is conversely any emitted photon which has greater energy and faster frequency than normal.

Personally, I believe the use of “Red Shift” and “Blue Shift” are confusing as students do not remember which color means which direction. The terms can also be misleading, as we are not referring to the actual colors.

Therefore, I prefer the actual physical measurements of Energy, Frequency, and Wavelength. The physical terms will be used more often throughout this book, though the use of “red” and “blue” will necessarily be used where appropriate.

Additional Topics Discussed in this Book

There are a few other topics, related to Red Shift, which will be discussed briefly in sections of this book. These topics include:

  • Structure of Photon Systems
  • Emission Process of Photons
  • Speed of Light
  • Motion of Stars
  • Gravitational Energy and Total Speed of Galaxies

These topics are discussed as needed to explain the process of Red Shift. Additional details on these topics will be presented in other books.

Additional New Concepts as Building Blocks

The true explanation of the Red Shift is actually quite simple. The process will only require a few paragraphs to explain. However…in order to get to those few paragraphs, we must discuss many other things first.

There are many new physics concepts presented in this book. In fact, you will be learning many discoveries for the first time in these pages.

This book contains not only the first publication of the true process of Red Shift, but other new discoveries related to Electromagnetic Energy.

Each of these new discoveries will be discussed more fully in future books. Yet these new concepts must be presented here, for the reader to understand the full processes of the Red Shift.

Each of these new physical concepts, each of these discoveries, are each building blocks which allow us to understand the True Process of the Red Shift.

Therefore we must teach these new concepts, as building blocks, which we can then put together. It is then that we can describe the simple process of the Red Shift.

Relativity vs Newtonian Physics

The true process of the Red Shift is not merely interesting in itself. This understanding will change our understanding of physics. Specifically: the Theory of Relativity can now be declared invalid. Newtonian physics will reign again.

The primary reason for the Theory of Relativity was to explain Red Shift. Scientists saw these frequency shifts, yet couldn’t explain it properly. They could not explain it using Newtonian concepts. (We will learn that you can, very easily, use Newtonian physics to explain it; but they did not understand how).

Einstein therefore came up with his Theory of Relativity primarily to explain Red Shift. However, if we don’t need Relativity to explain the process, if we can indeed use Newtonian physics to explain the Red Shift, then one of the main pillars of Relativity has been removed! The entire Theory of Relativity falls apart, and can be declared invalid.

When you truly understand the processes of Electromagnetic Energy, you can see how all EM processes (including Red Shift) are quite Newtonian.

Train Analogies

Furthermore, Einstein’s famous train analogy (a flawed analogy) was also an attempt to explain his Theory. Many people think the train analogy applies to all situations, but actually it was meant only to explain Red Shift observations, using his Relativity. The analogy is flawed in many ways, which we will see in future books. (See “Deconstructing Relativity”)

Similar train analogies have been used, where a baseball is thrown from a train. The scientists say this works well for classical physics, but not for electromagnetic energy. Again, this is opposite of the truth. We can use the analogy of the baseball on the train quite well for photon emission, and the Red Shift process.

This analogy is of such importance that we will spend several pages in this book discussing it. We will show exactly how to use the analogy properly, and therefore show exactly how Newtonian physics explains EM processes quite well.

Topics NOT Discussed in this Book

There are however several topics related to Red Shift which are not discussed in this book. These are not the causes of Red Shift, but rather the applications of Red Shift. These are the equations and interpretations related to the traditional understanding of Red Shift.

Keep in mind that the traditional understanding of the cause of Red Shift is very much incorrect. The physics which is believed and taught is not valid. Therefore, any application or interpretation based on this incorrect understanding may then be invalid. This includes:

  • Estimating distances using Red Shift
  • Estimating speeds using Red Shift
  • Some equations using Red Shift

All of these items, and others, must be evaluated carefully. As a researcher, I am in the process of examining the observations and applications based on traditional understanding of red shift.

Some of these may be correct and useful (getting the right answer, but from the wrong method). Yet many more may have flaws. These accepted conclusions must be carefully evaluated, now that we know the true processes of Red Shift.

The analysis is ongoing, therefore a full discussion on these topics must wait for a future publication.

General Flow of the Book

The purpose of this book is to explain the true process of the frequency shifts (known collectively as “Red Shift”). We will show how this process is quite simple and very Newtonian.

To begin, we must discard the fiction you were taught regarding electromagnetic energy in general, and of red shift specifically. Once we set aside the false teachings, we can teach the new concepts.

There are many new concepts, never published before, which means that the reader must be guided through these concepts. We will learn each building block on its own, in as much detail as needed for our ultimate goal.

Finally, at the end, we will put all of the concepts together. At this point the reader will understand all of the underlying physical processes and concepts. We can put this together, and explain the True Process of the Red Shift.

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