Blog Articles

I have a blog which I add to regularly. I call this blog: Authentic Expressions of a Happy Dancer and Multidimensional Intellectual

On this blog site, I write about many things: science, art, pets; physics and metaphysics; personal stories, analysis of history, and ruminations.

Of course I also write about many of my discoveries. I explain various topics in short articles. I propose explanations and models for the workings of the universe.

Some of these items will eventually make their way into published books. Yet most of them are separate from the books. Thus, by reading these blog articles you can learn more of my discoveries, my thoughts, and yes….more of my personality.

You will find all writings on the Blog: Authentic Expressions…..

In addition to the main blog site, I will highlight some of the blog articles on these web pages. See the sections Below for more details.

Highlighted Blog Topics

Gravity related Blogs

Photon and Electromagnetic Energy related Blogs

Electrical Power

Energies and Unified Field

Art and Artists


Personal Stories and Personal Experiences

Time, Multiple Universes