Detailed Table of Contents for Hurricane Mitigation Designs

The following is the Detailed Table of Contents, for the Book on Hurricane Mitigation and Harnessing the Power of Hurricanes.

Preface Material

  • Preface
  • Designer’s Credits for Solving the Impossible

Part 1. Harnessing Hurricane Power: General Overview

  • Overview and Challenges
  • Executive Summary
  • Background
  • Overcoming Limitations
Design #1: Power Collection Ships
  • Introduction
  • Brief Summary of Design
  • Advantages of this Design
  • Mobility of Power Generation Ships
  • Three Types of Ships
  • Basic Ship Design
  • Wind Turbines on the Ship: Basic Concepts
  • Turbine Pole Stability
  • Turbine Blade Design and Configuration
  • Height Options of Turbines
  • Other Wind Turbine Design Factors
  • Storage Batteries
  • Suggested Designs for Batteries and Wiring
  • Remote Control Operations
  • Pilot Ships and their Assigned Harnessing Ships
  • Location of Pilot Ships During Operation
  • Unique Frequencies and Antennas
  • Synchronization Modes
  • Multiple Ships Surrounding Hurricanes
  • Replacing Ships in Sequence
  • Efficiency of Power Generation: Overview
  • Efficiency of Power Harnessing Equipment
  • Efficiency of Ship Propulsion and Travel
  • Efficiency of Battery Powered Systems on Ships
  • Benefits Regardless of Energy Cost
  • Hurricane Mitigation of the Power Harnessing System
  • Efficiency of Power Generation: Analysis
  • Summary of Power Harnessing Ships

Part 2. Hurricane Mitigation Designs: General Overview

  • Overview
  • Perspective Analogy
  • Practical Experience Leading to Improved Designs
  • List of Design Proposals
  • Challenges for Hurricane Mitigation
Design #2: Hurricane Mitigation Ships
  • Brief Summary of Design
  • Basic Science Concepts
  • Main Design Details
  • Ship Design
  • Turbine Poles
  • Turbine Blades: Best Shapes and Materials
  • The Wind Sponge
  • Placement of Mitigation Ships
  • Battery Replacement at Sea
  • Progressively Taller Turbines
  • Ideal Number and Placement of Mitigation Ships
  • Advantages of the Mitigation Ships
  • Limitations of the Mitigation Ships
  • Battery Use on Shore
  • Storing the Hurricane Mitigation Ships
  • Damage, Destruction, and Salvaging of Ships
  • Summary of Hurricane Mitigation Ship System
Design #3: Artificial Island Bases
  • Brief Summary of Design
  • Basic Science Concepts
  • Dimensions, Placement, and Height
  • General Surface Topography
  • Managing Rainfall
  • Advanced Topography with Step Pyramid
  • Artificial Island as Base
  • Options for Wind Turbines
  • Different Islands for Different Additional Purposes
  • Advantages of the Artificial Islands Design
  • Building the Artificial Islands
  • Building the Artificial Island Arc Over Time
  • International Cooperation for Artificial Islands
  • Summary of Artificial Islands
Design #4: Cyclone Disrupting Explosions
  • Brief Summary of Design
  • Basic Science Concepts of the Design
  • Detailed Science of the Design
  • Advantages of the Design
  • Details of Design and Operation
  • Details of Explosive Device
  • Possible Design of the Explosive Device
  • Requirements for Launching the Explosive Device
  • Possible Design for Launching Explosive Device
  • Summary of the Cyclone Disrupting Explosions
Design #5: Sound Dislocating Drones
  • Brief Summary of Design
  • Basic Concepts of Design
  • Wind Bullets
  • Powerful Energies and Loud Sounds
  • Drone Planes Front or Side Emission
  • Using Same Planes as Explosion Drones
  • Sound Blast Mechanism
  • Directions to Emit Sound Blasts
  • Strategic Planning
  • Advantages of the Design
  • Summary of the Design
Design #6: Energy Curtains
  • Brief Summary of Design
  • Containing the Storm with Energy Curtains
  • Basic Science Concepts of the Energy Curtains
  • Using Large Vehicles and Multiple Pairs
  • Placing the Energy Curtain at Desired Location
  • Replacing the Vehicle Pairs and Energy Curtain
  • Safely Releasing the Energy of the Energy Curtain
  • Storing the Energy of the Energy Curtain
  • Using Curtain Direction and Speed Relative to Hurricane
  • Advantages of the Energy Curtains
  • Types of Energy Curtains
  • Sound Energy Curtains: Overview
  • EM Energy Curtains: Overview
Design #6a: Sound Energy Curtains
  • Brief Summary of Design
  • Basic Science Concepts
  • Advantages of the Sound Energy Curtain
  • Placement of Emission and Echo Systems
  • Speed of Vehicles vs Speed of Sound Energy
  • Reflectors Much Wider Than Emitters
  • Plane-to-Plane Emitter-Receiver Pairs
  • Burst Cycle Times
  • Sound Energy Emitter Technologies
  • Sound Reflector (Echo) Technologies
  • Size of Ships and Planes
  • Manned or Remote Operations
  • Synchronization
  • Gradually Releasing the Energy
  • Storing Power from Sound Energy Curtain
  • Energy Capture from Plane-to-Plane Energy Curtain
  • Energy Storage vs Hurricane Mitigation: Net Energy
  • Summary of the Sound Energy Curtains
Design #6b: EM Energy Curtains
  • Brief Summary of Design
  • Basic Science Concepts
  • Electromagnetic Energy Science
  • Energy Columns and Energy Spread
  • Vehicles and Emitters of EM Curtain System
  • Subduing and Capturing the Hurricane Winds
  • Specific Design Details
  • Advantages of the EM Curtain Design
  • Summary of the EM Energy Curtains
Design #7: Using Multiple Designs Together
  • Overview
  • Best Practices (Summary Points)
  • Base Islands
  • Remote Control Systems
  • Massive Assault from Multiple Mitigation Planes
  • Squadrons of Planes in Sequence
  • Explosive Devices and Sound Disrupters in Same Plane
  • Mitigation Systems at Different Levels
  • Mitigation Systems Used Sequentially
  • Power Harnessing Ships
  • The Concentric Circles of Mitigation Systems
  • Summary of Using Multiple Designs Together

Part 3. International Cooperation and Studies

  • International Cooperation: Detailed Organizational Structure
  • Additional Engineering Research

Part 4: About Designer and Related Topics

  • About Designer
  • Related Publications
  • Personal Commentary

Part 5. Overall Summary of Hurricane Systems

  • Overall Summary of This Report
  • Summaries of the Designs
  • Perspective of History and the Future

Part 6. Appendixes of Drawings

  • A1. Hurricane Power Harnessing Ships
  • A2. Artificial Island Bases
  • A3. Cyclone Disrupting Explosions
  • A4. Energy Curtains

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