Sexual Energies and Sexual Charisma

It is has come to my attention that there are some people who are offended by the use of the phrases “Sexual Charisma”, “Sexual Energies”, and “Rock Star”.

To those people, let me address those concerns: If that is what you notice, if that is what you see from all the numerous pages of profound wisdom, then you should not be on this site at all. This website is better than you.

Of all the wonderful things I write about, to find those few phrases, and focus on those…it seems to me that you are not paying attention to all of the wisdom, leadership, and ethics that I have offered.

What I offer is on the level of Newton, Tesla, Pythagoras, and Plato. What I offer is more advanced than anything offered by Einstein, Hawking, or Feynman. If you cannot recognize this, then clearly this website is not for you.

This website, and the profound wisdom it contains, is clearly far above your level.

Be gone! You are not ready to accept the enlightenment which I provide.

*Furthermore, if those phrases offend you, then you need to understand sex…and life. Note that SEX is LIFE. All aspects of Sex are good. All of sex is beautiful. Sex is Fun. Sex is Play. Sex is a Life Force. The advanced souls throughout history knew this. It is time you learned this as well.

Sexual energy is the strongest source of human energy, and is strongly connected with creativity.

Most of the wisest of men, the greatest artists, and the strongest leaders throughout the centuries, have had strong sexual energies.

Their greatness and their sexual energies were connected. It is not that the sex was their focus, but the sexual energies and the sexual expression was part of their fuel. Sexuality  was part of their connection with many realities.

The sexuality was one aspect of the same soul energy, that energy which imparted fuel and insights for their famous achievements.

In fact, having STRONG ENERGIES as a SOUL will come out in all areas. This includes strong intellectual powers. Strong metaphysical powers. Strong Emotions. Strong Creativity. And yes…Strong Sexuality.

I can tell you from a lifetime of personal experience that all of these outlets of your energies….come from the same source of your strong energies. You cannot exclude one, because all are part of your same wonderful soul. These expressions of your energy are each part of the life experience.

And on a basic biological scale, heightened creativity and intellectual powers comes with heightened sexuality and sexual play. The glands for example are strong EM receivers. I have felt the same active tingling in my loin glands for creativity, metaphysical communication, and sexuality. They are all linked together.

Note that this refers to the glands, which are strong EM communication devices. Not referring to the sexual organs, just the EM Receiver Glands.

Also note, for the record…I have been told much more regarding my sexual powers than what I have written here.

This includes: “You have the dance moves of Elvis”. “You are a Rock Star on Stage…”. “Your sexual charisma is your super power”.  And many more words…some quite personal. Therefore what I wrote on the previous page is a tiny amount of what I could have written.

I once caused a woman to orgasm, just with all her clothes on. In a room full of people, at a PG-13 level seminar. This was just from the woman inhaling my energies. The entire room heard it. The seminar leader commented on it. True story.

Therefore: if the simple phrase of me having “sexual charisma” offends you,  or being referred to as a “Rock Star Sex God” by female friend bothers you…if these phrases offend you, then you should get a much more advanced understanding of the Life Force within us.

The power of sexuality is the same as the power of intellectual abilities, the power of creativity, and the power of metaphysical connections. It is because I have an Advanced Soul, with super powers, that all of this works together.

All of my abilities comes from the same Advanced Soul, with Strong Energies. The outlet of these energies will simply show themselves at different ways at different times. I will not dim my sexuality any more than I will dim my intellectual powers or love for my friends.

Or as John Lennon said: “we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun”

Heddy Lamar: Actress and Inventor

We must remember the great woman Heddy Lamar. She was not only a beautiful woman and talented actress…she was extremely smart and a great inventor. Proving that you can enjoy being physically attractive while also being an intellectual superstar.

Public Comparisons, Available to All Ages, Considered Innocent

*For other innocent sexual play comparisons, look at Rita Hayworth in the movie Gilda. This is 1946. Anyone can see this movie on TCM, or clips like this on You Tube. It is sensual, but considered very innocent.

Or this video clip of Jane Russell and athletic men, in Gentlemen Prefer Blonds. This is considered innocent, and you can also watch on TCM.

Then there is Rita Moreno with the Muppets. A combination of sexual and innocent.

In conclusion…before complaining about “sexuality” you may want to put some context to your thoughts.

I will not tone down my sexual play, just as I will never reduce my intellect, my creativity, or my compassion for others. It is all good.