Energy Strings, Unified Field, and Theory of Everything – Books by Mark Fennell

Unified Energy Solution: Completed

One of the big goals of science is to come up with a way to unify all energies. This I have done. I have a true Unified Energy Solution. (This is also known as a Unified Field Solution).

Furthermore, this solution is not merely a set of mathematical equations, but physical descriptions. That is: if we could build a microscope to see it, these are the physical realities of what each type of energy is, and how these energies are related.

The details of the Unified Energy Solution have been fully worked out. This solution will be presented in the following books:

  1. “New Physical Models of Atomic Structure and Subatomic Particles”
  2. “Unified Energy Solution”
  3.  “The Theory of Everything”

***Note that the Unified Energy Solution can also be found within the book which explains The Theory of Everything.***

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 Theory of Everything: Developed and Ready

This leads us to the Other Great Quest: “The Theory of Everything”. This, too, I have developed. It is complete and ready for you to learn.

The “Theory of Everything” which scientists speak of is this: being able to describe and explain all aspects of the universe, which just a few basic concepts. This Big Goal of Science, this Ultimate Quest…THIS…has now been done.

With just a few simple concepts, with just a few physical entities, I can create all other objects and explain all processes currently known in our physical universe.

These concepts have been presented separately in some books. These concepts will also be presented as a Unified Cohesive System in other books. You will find the material in the following publications:

  1. Introduction to Gravity Strings
  2. New Model of the Atom
  3. Photons in Motion
  4. Momentum Understood as Energy Strings
  5. Unified Energy / Unified Field
  6. The Theory of Everything

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New Model of Energy Strings

The main key to developing the Unified Energy Solution, as well as the True Theory of Everything, is in the New Model of Energy Strings.

I believe that energy and mass is contained in specific entities which I call “Energy Strings”. Please note that my energy strings are very different from any you will find in the scientific discussion today. Yet it is these energy strings which allow us to have Unified Energy, to Create Particles, and to Perform ALL Actions within the universe.

Video: Energy Fish as Fundamental Entities of Universe

In this video, I discuss the concept of Energy Fish with a friend. These “Energy Fish” can be used to create all objects and explain all processes in the universe. Watch the Video Here.

Publications Which Explain and Demonstrate the New Energy Strings

The physical construction of these Energy Strings, and the specific processes, are demonstrated in a variety of my publications. These include:

  1. Introduction to Gravity Strings
  2. New Model of the Atom (We begin with Creation of Energy Strings)
  3. Photons in Motion
  4. Momentum Understood as Energy Strings
  5. Unified Energy / Unified Field
  6. The Theory of Everything

Note that the book Introduction to Gravity Strings contains the original paper on my energy strings. The book then is completely devoted to one type of energy string: the Gravity String.

The second book, “New Model of the Atom”, begins with the creation of the Energy String, for each type of Energy. This book more fully develops the concepts of these important Energy Strings.

The book “Photons in Motion”, with regard to Energy Strings, focuses on the External Energy Fields. (The term “Field” can now be understood to indicate types and locations of energy strings). Certain details of Electric, Magnetic, and Gravitational Fields (external energy strings) are shown in this book.

The other books have additional details on Energy Strings.

New Model of Gravity and Unified Energy Solution

The New Model of Gravity which I have developed (the Gravity Strings) is an essential discovery in unifying the energies.

Up to now, the energies were considered too different in structure to be united. However, with the discovery that gravitational energy is simply another form of the energy string, then we could bring gravitational energy into the others. All energies, we now realize, are the same basic structure. It is from this basis that we can begin to Unify All Energies!

Creating a True Theory of Everything required, of course, that the Energies be Unified first. Yet this also required the discovery of the structure and formation of particles. (This discovery was made somewhat simultaneously and independently of the Unified Energies; and then it was a short time before I put everything together).

All of these discoveries, all of these concepts, are discussed and illustrated in various publications. Many of these are available for your reading. More are being written and illustrated every day.