The Theory of Everything: All Objects and Processes Unified

 Theory of Everything: Developed and Ready

This leads us to the Other Great Quest: “The Theory of Everything”. This, too, I have developed. It is complete and ready for you to learn.

The “Theory of Everything” which scientists speak of is this: being able to describe and explain all aspects of the universe, which just a few basic concepts. This Big Goal of Science, this Ultimate Quest…THIS…I have done.

With just a few simple concepts, with just a few physical entities, I can create all other objects and explain all processes currently known in our physical universe.

Using a Few Physical Entities we Can Create and Explain Everything

Specifically, we begin with One Entity: The Universal Energy.

From that Universal Energy, we can then create each type of Energy String, and each Mass Spot.

Using those Energy Strings, and those Mass Spots, we can create all objects and processes of the universe. (See below)

Therefore, with just a few concepts, with just a few physical entities, everything can be created and all actions can be explained.

Specific Objects and Processes Which Can be Created

Again: using the Energy Strings for each of the known energies, and those Mass Spots, we can create all objects and processes of the universe. This includes:

  1. All Energy Types
  2. All Mass
  3. All Particles
  4. All Energy Fields
  5. All Objects from quarks to galaxies

We can then also explain ALL PROCESSES in the UNIVERSE. Including:

  1. Internal Motions for All Particles
  2. Energy Transfer for All Particles
  3. External Energy Fields for All Particles
  4. Growth of Energy Fields; and Division of Energy Fields
  5. Repelling of Energy Fields
  6. Gravitational Pull of All Objects
  7. Total Motion (combination Internal Energy with Gravitational Energy) for all objects in any situation.

Specific Structure and Process of Photon Can Be Explained

The photon’s structure and processes can also now be explained. Thus, using the same few concepts mentioned above, we can explain the following regarding the photon:

  1. Physical Structure of the Photon System
  2. Cause for Speed of Photon
  3. Physical Meaning of Frequency of Photon; Process of Frequency; and what it means for one photon’s Frequency to be different from another.
  4. Particle-Wave Duality for the Photon
  5. The Complete Mechanism for Energy Transfer from one particle to another via photons.

We Now Have a True Theory of Everything

Therefore, as you can see, with just a few basic concepts, a few physical entities, we can indeed explain all other entities and all processes in the universe.

We do now, indeed, have a True Theory of Everything!

These concepts are presented – either as separate concepts or as cohesive systems – in the following publications:

  1. Introduction to Gravity Strings
  2. New Model of the Atom
  3. Photons in Motion
  4. Momentum Understood as Energy Strings
  5. Unified Energy Solution / Unified Field Solution
  6. The Theory of Everything