Gravity Books by Mark Fennell

BookCoverPreview Introduction to Gravity as Printed Book - Cropped for Website, #3

What is Gravity? This is one of the most fundamental questions in physical science. It is a question which has been asked for centuries.

Today…we have an Answer.

We know that Gravity exists in the physical form of Gravity Strings.

When you understand the physical structure of these Gravity Strings, and the ways in which these Gravity Strings operate, then we can understand all aspects of gravity. Everything from atomic orbits to galaxy clusters can be explained, using the physical reality of Gravity Strings.

These details are fully explained and illustrated in the book below, “Introduction to Gravity Strings“.


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Gravity…what is it? As a physical entity, what is Gravity?

Newton was able to calculate it, and create equations for it, yet he could not explain the physical reality of it. He admitted this on the final pages of his Principia.

We now have an understanding of the Physical Reality of Gravity, and this Physical Reality of Gravity matches Newton’s equations in every way.

Einstein had his own ideas of Gravity, but this was only geometric. His conceptual understanding is only of graph paper; it is not reality. Furthermore, Einstein often confuses the causes with the effects. Therefore, his methods work, yet are more complicated than necessary. We can now explain all of Einstein’s concepts and geometries using the Gravity Strings. This is much simpler, and more elegant.

Therefore, what we offer in this book is a Physical Reality of Gravity. We can now understand, in great detail, the physical structure and operations of gravity. When we understand these concepts, we will understand many more aspects of physical science. This includes the Theory of Everything.

Note that the Physical Reality of Gravity Strings has been tested in numerous applications. All observations related to gravity can indeed be explained using these Gravity Strings.

Furthermore, these Gravity Strings can explain many aspects of Gravity, and related physical science, which were mysteries before. This includes both causes of observations, and desires to be able to do with gravity. These solutions, offered by Gravity Strings, include the following:

  1. Quantum Gravity
  2. Cause of Orbits
  3. Newtonian Equations
  4. Quantizing Gravity
  5. Expansion of the Universe
  6. Unification of All Energies

We can provide a more complete list of everything the Gravity Strings offers, as follows:

  1. Quantum Gravity
  2. Quantizing Gravity
  3. Mass Density and Gravitational Energy
  4. Acceleration Due to Gravity
  5. Terminal Velocity
  6. Process of Forward Motion in the vicinity of Gravity
  7. Cause of Orbits
  8. Reason for Orbit Distances
  9. Options for Orbit Paths
  10. Structure of Ions
  11. Event Horizon
  12. Newton’s Gravitational Equations
  13. Einstein’s understanding of Gravity
  14. Formation of Galaxy Clusters
  15. The “Expansion” of the Universe

Therefore, we are able to explain all aspects of Gravity-related observations using the physical reality of Gravity Strings.

We can also do many things that we have always wanted to do, yet were never able to accomplish before. This includes: Quantizing Gravity; Unifying All Energies; and Developing a True Theory of Everything.

BookCoverPreview Introduction to Gravity as Printed Book - Cropped for Website, #3

This book is a very important book in the Series. This is a major advancement in understanding physical sciences.

It is also written simply enough for anyone to understand, with only a modest background in science. There are numerous illustrations. There is no math; the only math is to explain Newton’s equations.

Indeed, the explanations are simple enough that I have been able to explain to several people with no science background at all.

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