Unified Energy Solution / Unified Field Solution

Discussing Energy Fish with my friend Klana

I discovered these entities which I call Energy Fish approximately 3 years ago. They are the fundamental entities of the Universe. They are Einstein’s “hidden variables” that he was looking for. With these Energy Fish all things can be created, and all processes can be explained. This video was an impromptu discussion of Energy Fish, suggested by my friend Klana.

I speak here partially as me, but also partially as this new identity we created – which they call “Captain Actinium”.

Unified Energy: Solved

One of the big goals of science is to come up with a way to unify all energies. This I have done. I have a true Unified Energy Solution. (This is also known as a Unified Field Solution).

Furthermore, this solution is not merely a set of mathematical equations, but physical descriptions. That is: if we could build a microscope to see it, these are the physical realities of what each type of energy is, and how these energies are related.

Parts of the “Unified Energy Solution”

There are Several Parts of this “Unified Energy Solution” as Physical Description:

A. Physical descriptions (drawings) for each type of known energy. That is: Magnetic Energy, Electrical Energy, Gravitational Energy, and Nuclear Energy can now be shown as physical entities, with very distinct physical features and processes.

B. The physical connections among each energy type: how each energy type can be physically connected to other energy types. (They are not always connected, but when they are, I can show these physical connections).

C. The similar structure of each type of energy: showing that all energies are essentially the same type of entity, varying only in a few specifics.

D. Showing how to Convert any One Type of Energy into another.

E. Unification of Energies: The development of all known energies from one main Universal Energy.

These Parts, together, form the True Unified Energy Solution.

The details of the Unified Energy Solution have been fully worked out. This solution will be presented in the following books:

A. “New Physical Models of Atomic Structure and Subatomic Particles

This book is not just about the atom. This book begins with the Universal Energy. From there, we create all forms of energy, and the masses. We then use these entities to create the particles (such as the electron and proton), and then create the atom. Therefore, the first 1/3 of the book is fully about the detailed descriptions of energies, and how these energies are Unified. Note also that the book further provides a Theory of Everything, as we build the particles, atoms, and fields from these energies.

This book will be available soon.

B. “The Unified Energy Solution

This second book will be devoted just to showing the Unified Energy Solution.