Electrical Power Books by Mark Fennell

Electrical Power Explained Simply

Electrical Power was one of my first passions. I spent years researching the topic, visiting locations, and talking with experts. The result is a series of books on every aspect of Electrical Power.

The books are designed to be simple to read, with supporting illustrations, and yet have enough technical material to make real-world decisions.

As a teacher, I am known for explaining complex material in ways that anyone can understand (even if you have no prior background in the topic). In that regard, the Electrical Power series is a great resource for anyone who wants to understand the basic concepts – and the various technology options – for any aspect of electrical power.

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Purpose and Goals

Testimonials for Electricity Book

Electrical Power Topics:

Volume 1: Introduction to Electrical Power

Volume 2: Battery Technologies Explained Simply

Volume 3: Hydropower Explained Simply

Volume 4: Wind Power Technologies Explained Simply

Volume 5: Solar Power Technologies Explained Simply

Volume 6: Coal Power Technologies Explained Simply

Volume 7: Nuclear Power Technologies Explained Simply

Volume 8: Natural Gas, Diesel, and Biomass Explained Simply

Volume 9: Transmission of Electrical Power Explained Simply

Volume 10: Power Grids and Utility Companies Explained Simply

Volume 11: (reserved for other forms of power generation)

Volume 12: Health and Environmental Aspects of Electrical Power

Volume 13: Efficiency of Electrical Power

A separate website is also maintained just for this series. You can read about the Electrical Power Explained Simply series of books here.