Hydropower Explained Simply

Hydropower Explained Simply

 Hydropower Book (cover)


This book discusses the most important concepts of hydropower. Whether you are interested in designing your own micro-hydro system, or are interested in the details of the megawatt hydro power plants, this book will tell you everything you need to know.

Chapters Include

  1. Basic process and operations of hydropower
  2. Dams, Reservoirs and Rivers
  3. Power Calculations for Hydropower
  4. Micro-Hydro Systems
  5. Turbines for Hydropower (as well as other systems)
  6. Appendix and Index

Items Found ONLY in this Book

Unique to this book are the detailed descriptions of turbine design. Each turbine type is described, illustrated, and compared. There is also a complete set of data tables comparing the optimum uses (flow rates and height) for each turbine.

Details Worth Noting in This Book (Chapter by Chapter)

1. The book begins by explaining the basic concepts of hydropower, and showing the reader how hydropower works.

2. The second chapter discusses the structures of dams and the use of rivers. Related topics include reservoirs, spillways, and removal of debris.

3. The third chapter explains how to calculate the amount of power from a hydropower system. The book also offers essential hydropower calculations for any situation.

4. The fourth chapter provides an overview of micro-hydro systems, with some practical tips for those readers who are considering installing such a system. Micro-hydro systems are growing in popularity world-wide, serving individual homes and small communities. This chapter provides an overview of factors to consider when installing your micro-hydro system.

5. The final chapter discusses turbines in detail. Whether you are building a micro-hydro system or a megawatt power plant, it is important to choose the proper turbine for your particular situation. In addition, some of these turbines are used in other types of power systems, such as coal or natural gas.

6. The book offers data and equations for: Flow Unit Conversions; Turbine Comparisons; and Equations for Amount of Power Produced.

Note that paperback edition is a combination of all previously published e-books on hydropower, plus much more. This edition also has many more illustrations and tables than in any of the previously published e-books on this topic.


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