Coal Power Technologies Explained Simply

Coal Power Technologies Explained Simply

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In 2005 I embarked on a quest to separate truth from fiction for all aspects of coal power. This book is the summation of my journey. Here you will find accurate, unbiased answers to all your questions regarding coal power technologies.

Major topic areas of the book include Coal Mining Operations, Mining Safety, Operation of Coal Power Plants, Environmental Effects, and Clean Coal Technologies.

Chapters Include 

  1. Basic Processes and Operations of Coal Power
  2. Coal Power Mining Methods
  3. Coal Mining Safety
  4. Environmental Effects and Clean Coal Technologies
  5. CO2 and the Environment
  6. Mercury an Coal Power
  7. Appendix and Index

Expanded Table of Contents for Coal Power Book

Items Found ONLY in this Book

In addition, this book also has information which is not found in any other book, journal, or website. Some of this information includes:

1. Mining Safety: The latest mining safety techniques from experts in West Virginia and Kentucky. This includes techniques to reduce Black Lung which are not yet known to the highest levels of the Mine Safety Health Administration.

2. Temperature Data: You have heard about global warming – now see some actual temperature data. You will find temperature data here that you will not find in other books.

3. Mercury Emissions: The science of mercury emissions from coal power plants has only recently been studied. The data is also scattered. This is the first book which collects all the latest science behind mercury emissions and mercury capture.

4. Global Temperature: An entire chapter is devoted to the issue of coal power and environmental temperature. This is a complex topic, with many factors. In this book you will find a clear explanation of each factor, combined with a chemical engineer’s analysis of each.

5. This book also explains the information very clearly. There are many scientific concepts. There are many concepts related to chemistry, physics, and biology. All of these concepts are explained very clearly, so that any reader will be able to understand, regardless of background.

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Details Worth Noting in This Book (Chapter by Chapter)

This book discusses all aspects of coal power. Major topic areas include: Coal Mining Operations, Mining Safety, Operation of Coal Power Plants, Environmental Effects, and Clean Coal Technologies.

01. Chapter one discusses formation and types of coal; energy from coal; and the basic operation of coal power plants.

02. Chapter two discusses coal mining methods, including details of underground mining, surface mining, and mining reclamation.

03. Chapter three discusses coal mining safety. This chapter was written from a personal perspective – that is, if I were working in the mine or if a family member was working in the mine, I would want the mining operations as safe as possible. Detailed areas of mining safety include: Black Lung, Collapsing Mines, Flooding, and Ventilation.

04. Chapter four discusses the environmental effects of coal power. The most common complaints of coal power are related to the environmental effects. Here you will learn all the negative effects of coal power on the environment. We will also discuss the most effective methods to minimize each of those environmental effects.

04b. In chapter four we will also discuss each Clean Coal Technology. These clean coal technologies include: scrubbers, low NOx burners, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Electrostatic Precipitator, Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion (CFBC), and Gasification.

05. Chapter five is devoted to CO2 and the environment. This is a complex topic, involving a variety of scientific concepts. All concepts are discussed and explained. In addition, this chapter provides actual temperature data.

06. Chapter six, the final chapter, is devoted to mercury emissions from coal power. This is a relatively new topic among researchers, with scattered data and emerging scientific discoveries. We will examine the types of mercury in coal, the types of mercury being emitted, and the most effective ways of capturing mercury.

07. The Appendix includes a table of ash composition produced from coal power.

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