Testimonials for Electricity Books

Endorsements For Electrical Power Books

“I now have a much better understanding of energy and electrical power. The book is easy to read and the examples make the points clear.”

– Mayor Bob Armstrong, of Defiance Ohio


“The Science of Electricity Series is a marvelous resource for both the student and professional. The books are arranged in a logical fashion, discussing the fundamentals before applications in every possible sense. The writing style is extremely clear and all definitions are both accurate and explained well.

I was particularly taken with the chapter on solar power, in which the author displays a clear knowledge of several areas of science and technology. Indeed, I plan to recommend the section to my chemistry students.

Overall, this book is a great addition to the literature and deserves a place on the bookshelf of anyone interested in the current state and future of the electrical industry.”

– Simon Bott, Director of Undergraduate Affairs; Department of Chemistry, University of Houston