Calendar of Celebrating the Cerebral

One of my Life Missions is to Guide Individuals, and Society in General, to use more of their Mental Abilities. In brief: to Become Smarter.

With that I mind, I have created a Calendar of Months and Days where we can focus on certain aspects of our mind. During these months, and more so on specified event dates, we will take a few moments to celebrate and appreciate a particular aspect of our mind. We will also enjoy games and exercises which will develop each aspect of our mind, which will evolve this cerebral region to a higher level of natural ability.

To become part of this evolution, follow the Calendar Dates below. Each month is devoted to a different region of the brain or a different application of the mind.

Click on the links associated with each Month to read more details. Also read the General Purposes of the Celebration Days.

Month by Month Themes and Dates: Quick View