General Purposes of the CTC Celebration Days

One of my Life Missions is to Guide Humanity to use more of their Mental Abilities. For this mission, I have developed the system of “Celebrating the Cerebral”. Using this system, individuals and groups of people can evolve their minds, and reach levels they never thought possible.

A primary tool in this system is the Calendar of Cerebral Celebration Days. Using the calendar of months, and specific dates, we will focus on different aspects of the mind. We will appreciate this ability, as well as do activities which can develop it.

The Monthly Calendar: General Purposes

The Calendar was developed to focus on one aspect of the mind for each month. Focus areas include: Logic, Reading, Visualization, Creativity, and Metaphysical Communication (just to name a few).

For at least one month, of each year, you will focus on that aspect of your mental abilities. Thinking about this aspect – such as logic – will bring your attention to that aspect of your mind. You will recognize it and appreciate it. You will also do some games and exercises which can develop it.

Of course there is no end to this evolution of your mind. Every year, at least one month of the year, you will think about that aspect of your mind. For example, every year in November you will think about Logic. You will notice it. You will celebrate it. You will again practice developing it.

If you do this for every month, of every year, you will continue to evolve your mental abilities.

Specific Celebration Dates: General Purposes

In addition to the monthly themes, there will be specific celebration dates. There are several purposes of these dates, and many acts which will occur on these dates.

In broad terms, the Specific Celebration Dates, with suggested activities, will provide the following functions:

A. Provide specific days and activities, on specific mental skills, for individuals to appreciate and develop.

B. Provide topics, dates, and activities, for small groups to celebrate and develop together, which will exponentially increase the abilities of each person in the group.

C. Offer international celebration dates and activities, which can be promoted and practiced, throughout all of humanity.

We can further expand on the Purposes for the Specific Celebration Dates below.

The Purposes for the Individual for these Celebration Dates include:

01. To appreciate a particular mental ability, at least a few days each year.

02 To put your mental focus on this particular mental ability.

03. To engage in games and fun activities which will develop this ability.

04. To have a specific path for developing the mind, in ways that accommodate the other interests of the individual.

The Purposes for the Small Groups for these Celebration Dates include:

05. To have specific dates and activities, where several people can celebrate together and engage in the fun games.

06. Exponentially increase the skill development for everyone. This is because playing together stimulates the ability to learn, and practicing the skills together increases the rate of skill proficiency.

07. Evolve into a social, pleasurable event, which will also stimulate personal growth and enlightenment.

08. To talk about this Celebration Day with others, which will get more people interested in evolving that aspect of their brain.

The Purposes as a Movement for these Celebration Dates include:

09. Having a theme month that can be talked about, in all aspects of society. These themes can be talked about among friends and discussed in social media.

10. Specific Celebration Dates can become banners and memes, spread throughout the social media universe.

11. Specific Celebration Dates can become established in the public consciousness (similar to Arbor Day and Valentine’s Day).

The Purposes for Humanity for these Celebration Dates include:

12. Promote the Mind as a wonderful thing. Shift the culture to embracing and valuing mental abilities. For a few days each month, the mind will be celebrated and promoted throughout the world.

13. Encourage intellectual interests and behaviors. Admire and value those people who use their brain.

*For a few days each month, the people who use their mind will be acknowledged and celebrated over all others. Gradually, the culture will shift toward publically admiring and respecting those who have mentally evolved.

14. Increase the overall intelligence level of humanity, such that real discussions on community issues can take place, and all aspects of society are operated more effectively.

*As people around the world develop their mental abilities in each area, over each month and each year, then society overall will be operated by people with greater mental abilities. This will result in more effective operations in all areas of society.

15. Evolve the mental abilities of humanity so they can be ready to receive new wisdom – including the next level of metaphysical truths.

*Humans must be able to receive this wisdom before they are shown. Therefore, by evolving humanity, gradually, to greater mental abilities, humanity will be able to receive the greater metaphysical truths – and understand these truths – when presented to them.

The Importance of the Mission

As you can see from this list, the Purposes of “Celebrating the Cerebral” system are many. The overall goal is to evolve the mental abilities of the people – individually and collectively.

The Mission has several components: to shift society to put greater value on the mind, to get more people to evolve the abilities of their own minds, and to raise the mental abilities of the general population. It is one of my primary missions in life, and the Calendar of Celebration Dates is a main method for getting us there.