Dr. EZ’s Jet Skis: Stories About Family

Dr. EZ: Stories About Family

The stories in this series are foremost about Family. Yes, it is science fiction; and yes there are adventures; yet Family is the primary center point of the novels. I hope you fall in love with the family, and want to spend time with them, as they go through their experiences.

The children in the story are a family. They are a close family, and that dynamic rises above everything else. Furthermore, the good Dr. Zephon (Dr. EZ) becomes like a Father to these children. He essentially adopts them as his own children; and the children look up him as a Father.

Therefore, the stories are foremost about the family. The stories are about the individuals in the family, and how the family members relate to each other. And of course the family dynamics as they go on adventures together.

As a close family, they like each other, they enjoy being together. They play together, laugh together, and explore together. Yet they can also hurt each other, and cause trouble for the others. It is a family.

Then, they have adventures together, and experience wonderful areas of science.

The stories are indeed science fiction, they are about adventures to wonderful places, and everyone will experience amazing realities. Yet above all, the stories are about family.

It is my deep desire that you enjoy being with the family, and have fun with them.