Dr. EZ’s Special Jet Skis: Character Growth

Character Development and Character Growth

These stories are not just about the science, but also about the children who experience these adventures. Each character is fully developed, with complex aspects to the personalities.

Note that I have taught high school students for over a decade. This means I have known over 1,000 students of that age. Therefore, the characters I created are composites of many teenagers I have known over the years. And thus, also very realistic. You will recognize these characters – as yourself, your friends, or your family.

Each character will interact with the environment in his own way, and you will see things through his/her eyes. They will tell you exactly what it is like to ride the photon.

Furthermore, each character has his/her own personal issues to deal with (as teenagers do). These personal issues will come to the surface from time to time. These personal issues will be expressed, dealt with, and conquered – throughout the series of books. Thus, just as teenagers deal with their emotional issues and limitations  over their years of maturing, so they will evolve in this series of books.

Of course every person also has wonderful strengths. Each person has aspects of their personality to love and embrace. These traits will be exhibited – and sometimes used for the good of the group – during the journeys.

Above all: these characters are a family. At the core of this group is the love and loyalty that only comes with being a tightly connected family.