Citizen Guides to Government Agencies

About the Citizen’s Guides to Government Agencies Series

The United States Federal Government is the largest and most complex organization in the world. Yet because the Federal Government belongs to the citizens, then the citizens should understand the Federal Government.

The Citizen’s Guide to Federal Agencies Series examines each agency of the Federal government. Each volume is devoted to a specific Department, primary level agency, or common theme.

This series is the first of its kind. The series is comprehensive, discussing every program, sub-agency, lab, and resource center. No other book or series of books on government is as comprehensive as the Citizen’s Guides.

In order to help readers understand the government, each book is organized effectively, with clear outlines, subheadings, and separate chapters as needed. In addition, some books are equipped with an acronym glossary and index.

Just as important, each program and agency is described very clearly. The author is known for explaining complex material in ways that are easier to understand, and in this series of books he provides his own summaries for the great majority of programs and agencies. Therefore, the reader will understand each program and agency much better by reading the author overviews before reading any complex bureaucratic jargon.

Each book in the series is meant to be a reference book that any citizen can use in a practical way. Isn’t it time that you knew more about the federal government?

Department of Commerce – Books by Mark Fennell

Dept. of Health Human Services – Health Agency Books by Mark Fennell

Dept. of Health Human Services – Family Service Agency Books by Mark Fennell

Dept of Transportation – Books by Mark Fennell

Civics Books by Mark Fennell