Light and Electromagnetic Energy Books by Mark Fennell

EM Book #1 Cover - Fundamental of Electromagnetic Energy







The Science of Electromagnetic Energy has been a major study in my life. As with Tesla, two of my primary interests were Electrical Power and Electromagnetic Energy. After completing the series of books on Electrical Power, I devoted myself to understanding light.

In fact, I have become an expert in the subject. From my studies and personal experimentation, I know more about the structure and processes of EM than almost anyone else.

It is also important to know that I have solved numerous mysteries regarding light which no other scientist could solve. (This includes Einstein, Bohr, Feynman, and others).

Some of the Mysteries of EM which I have solved include:

  1. Particle-Wave Duality (A Simple Solution)
  2. Speed of Light: Why so Fast
  3. Speed of Light: Why is it Constant
  4. Structure of Photon System
  5. Cause of Frequency (Basic and Detailed)
  6. How Energy Amounts Result in the Different Frequencies
  7. Energy Transfer Processes Regarding Photon Systems
  8. More Accurate Understanding of All EM Motion
  9. Physical Reality of Gravity
  10. More Accurate Understanding of Gravitational Bending
  11. More Accurate Understanding of Black Holes
  12. Understanding of Energy and Mass at the Fundamental Level
  13. True Process of Red Shift
  14. Unifying All Energies
  15. Creating a True Theory of Everything

These solutions are written in a series of books. Some are published, while others are in progress.  This series of books on Discoveries regarding Electromagnetic Energy include:

  1. Fundamental Properties of Electromagnetic Energy
  2. Creation and Emission of Electromagnetic Energy
  3. Photons in Motion: Structure and Motion of Photons
  4. Diffraction and Interference: Explained and Illustrated
  5. Absorption of Electromagnetic Energy
  6. True Process of Red Shift
  7. Electromagnetic Energy in Radio Wave Communication
  8. Human Biology and Electromagnetic Energy

EM Book #2 Book Cover - Creation and Emission