Reforming Societies and Systems – Books by Mark Fennell

I have been actively involved in reforms for many years. The books I have written on the subjects of reform are based on years of actual experience, being involved with numerous sub-cultures of society, and studying the methods of effective reform in detail.

The primary book is “Creating New Societies“. You can read about this book in detail below. This book is a practical plan for ordinary people to reclaim their society and make easy yet effective changes.

Also see the Dispute Resolution Series.  This series of books and courses, provides all the best methods for effective and peaceful resolution of any type of dispute, and for any type of relationship. These methods also are effective for large scale disputes, including disputes in crowds and our communities.

For the Creating New Societies book, the book has several parts, including:

Understanding Systems (Existing Realities)
Changing Systems (Main Strategies)
Dark Side and Bright Side of Man
Obtaining Power and Using Authority
Underground Societies and Separatist Movements
Business and the Environment

*Note that the price of these books are extremely low. This is so that we can get the book into the hands of millions of readers. If I priced it at value, the book would be at least $50.

In addition, I have written several books and articles on specific plans for practical reform and activism, such as: Education Reform, Government Reform, Political System Reform, Legal Reform, Reclaiming our Freedoms, and How to Challenge Authority Effectively. There are also numerous books on Civics and Government Agencies. You can find some of these books and articles on this page.

Creating New Societies: Paperback Edition

Creating New Societies: E-book Edition

The Four Types of People in Making Reforms, 1: The Personality Types

The Four Types of People in Making Reforms, 2: Applying those Personality Types to Restructuring Society Today.

Convincing Anyone that Changes in Society CAN be Made: The Dialogue

March of the Modern American: A Poem for the Movement

Citizen’s Guide to Government Agencies: The Series for the People

Civics Books: The Most Popular

My Presidential Plan: The Complete Reforms if I Were President (Writing in Progress)

Practical Tips for Effective Civil Disobedience (in progress)

Creating New Societies: The Practical Plan for the People


Do you want a New Society? Would you like a government that is responsive to the people? A system of economics where each person lives his inner soul fully and yet also makes good money?

Are you ready to create a place where innovation and creativity is encouraged? A place where our souls grow, our emotions are nourished, and yet our practical physical needs are met? If you want these things, then you want to read the plan!

Many skeptics think these concepts are not possible. I know it is. Then there are many believers feel that we can – somehow – make it work…but are not sure how. That is why I created this book.

This project was a sincere devotion of much of my life. I spent years researching all aspects of numerous societies; researching the history of how changes are made; talking to people who work with politics, economics, and crime; and then synthesizing everything into a Grand Strategic Plan for the People to follow.

This book is the culmination of the research. It is the vision for a free society, yet a place where we manage the realities of economics and crime. The book provides broad themes on how reforms are made, yet also gives specific strategies for restructuring our current systems.

In addition to being a strategic plan, this book is filled with real examples and lots of inspiration. The material is practical, like a handbook, yet much of the tone is inspirational – encouraging you to get off your chair and make it happen!

If you are ready for a New Society, a place where freedom grows, individuals blossom to their fullest potential, and everyone prospers, then you will want to use this Guide. When we follow the strategies in this book we will be able to transform our old decaying societies into the vibrant new societies that we envision so clearly.

Together we can indeed make realistic changes, and Create the New Societies that we know can exist.

The idea of “Practical Idealism” is central to my philosophy of life. I believe we can improve systems and organizations, we can reform our societies, and we can transform our world into better ways of living. Yet we must make these changes in a practical fashion. We must be very sensible and strategic regarding our approach.

I spent years of my life studying societies and reforms. I researched various societies from history and those currently existing. I studied revolutions and reforms; I studied politics and government; I studied economics and crime. I also explored underground societies and separatist movements…sometimes in a very personal way. From these years of research, experiences, and discussions I developed universal themes and practical tips. I developed my own Vision and Strategic Plans for Creating the Societies of our Future.

This is a book about practical steps…how we transform the old decaying ways of society into the vibrant society we know it can be.

Yes, this book is the Practical Guide to Changing Societies. If you are ready for a new society, and want the practical logistics to get there, then you will want to read this plan.

If you believe that we truly can have a society of freedom and love, of deeper relationships and greater personal fulfillment, of lesser control and greater prosperity; then you are ready for this book.

Part 1: The Vision for our Future
Part 2: How Changes Are Made
Part 3: Encouraging Laughter
Part 4: Education Reform
Part 5: Understanding Systems (Existing Realities)
Part 6: Changing Systems (Main Strategies)
Part 7: Dark Side and Bright Side of Man
Part 8: Obtaining Power and Using Authority
Part 9: Underground Societies and Separatist Movements
Part 10: Business and the Environment
Part 11: Great Men
Part 12: Conclusion