About Video Channel “All Things Energy”

My Video Channel is called “All Things Energy”.

I chose the title “All Things Energy” to encompass all aspects of Energy. This includes both scientific energies and spiritual energies. (Though I believe they are much the same).

Scientific energies include: Electrical Power (all aspects); Electromagnetic Energy; Quantum Energies; Gravity; and more. Many of these are new discoveries – those discoveries which I have made, and will advance our understanding of Energy Sciences. All my books and my discoveries in the Energy Sciences will be shared in videos on this channel.

Spiritual Energies include the discussion of: brain wave energies; psychic energies; ESP energies; using the subconscious; and viewing with the third eye.

This also includes: Accessing spiritual realms; astral projection; lucid dreaming; and obtaining knowledge in non traditional ways.

In addition, this also includes visitations by spirit beings, and the variety of communication techniques which can be used to communicate with higher beings.

You will also find there some videos which show my personality. Particularly my dancing videos. I usually dance when I am at events or give presentations. Some of these are recorded, and I can share with you here. [This is also where I go by the stage name “Quantum Dancer”]

Then there are a few other videos that I share, just as video blogs…about my writings, my experiences, and other miscellaneous things. I do this mostly to share myself with you, and allow you to get to know me better.

Please visit the site All Things Energy to enjoy all my videos.