Physics for the Next Millennium

Mission #1: Replacing all of physics with a New Physics. This is an entire set of science concepts which are more accurate, much simpler, and more cohesive, than anything before. We refer to the entire set of concepts and explanations as “Physics for the Next Millennium.”

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The “Physics for the Next Millennium” is an entire new set of physics concepts which replace the traditional understanding of physics. This is not just replacing physics in one or two areas…but the entire system.

I have made many discoveries, many advances in the sciences, and soon realized that these new discoveries could not be placed within the existing framework of Physics. The entire system would have to be wiped out, bulldozed over, then rebuilt again.

The new system of physics will be easier to understand, more cohesive, and much more accurate. All the concepts are simple, and every concept works together easily.

THIS is the PHYSICS FOR THE NEXT MILLENNIUM. This system will replace the entirety of the previous understanding of physics. The name implies the true Advancement of Our Understanding of the Universe. This is a very sophisticated understanding, that will lead us far into the Next Millennium.

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