Advanced Flood Control System: Abridged Version


Executive Summary for Advanced Flood Control System

This Design is for an Advanced Flood Control System. This Design will effectively drain vast amounts of water from major metropolitan areas within a short time. This Design will also provide Emergency Power, Clean Drinking Water, and Additional Escape Routes.

In order to prevent major flooding in metropolitan areas, we need not just more pipes, but a completely new system. We need a system which will accomplish multiples goals, and solve multiple problems, all at the same time. The proposal in this book is such a system.

This Design will effectively drain vast amounts of water from major metropolitan areas within a short time. This Design will also provide Emergency Power, Clean Drinking Water, and Additional Escape Routes.

When installed properly, this design will manage all heavy rains effectively. Floods will never be a concern again.

Abridged Version of Design

Note that this book is an Abridged Version of the full design. The Abridged version is the book for general readers. This includes government leaders, investors, and the general public, who want an overview understanding of the Design.

This book provides all of the basic concepts, features, and benefits of the Advanced Design. However, there are numerous details which have been omitted.

The Abridged Version is the shorter description of the design, with only 20 pages of main text. The rest of the book is illustrations.

There are approximately 70 pages of full-color illustrations in this book. (50 illustrations, with accompanying pages of descriptions).

Please read the Full Proposal for all details regarding this design. The Full Proposal is where you will learn why each design object is included, and how to build the entire system. Each detail is carefully laid out in that book, with descriptions and illustrations.

Benefits of This Flood Control System

Note that this Design is not just more pipes or entrance grates. Rather, it is an entire new system of flood management. This system provides not only efficient flood control, but so much more.

Benefits of this Advanced Flood Control System include the following:

1. It will provide effective flood management for large areas, easily up to 150 miles in diameter.

2. It will effectively handle millions of gallons of water, in ways that quickly drain the streets.

3. Populations from thousands to millions will have their homes and businesses protected.

4. There will be emergency electrical power for thousands of residents throughout the region.

5. Drinking water will never be a problem, as there will be plenty of drinking water to serve all the region for several days.

6. Hospitals, Power Plants, Refineries, and Waste Sites will remain intact. These will never be damaged by water.

7. An emergency route is in place, with several entrance and exit points for the entire region.

8. The end points for the system are quite compact and arranged efficiently.

9. Most of the system should last 200 years or more without any repair.

10. Maintaining and replacing parts is easily done.

11. This system can be installed in most major cities and most large area regions throughout the world.

These include: Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Kansas City, St. Louis, Prague, Bavaria, Austria, and many more areas.

100 Pages; 50 Full-Color illustrations

Brief Design Points of Advanced Flood Control System

The basic design of the system is a set of concentric drainage rings connected to flood chutes. It is essentially a wheel and spoke design.

Water will enter a drainage ring, flow to the nearest flood chute, then be swiftly carried away from the city. At the end of each chute will be a large underground container, which will store the water until the heavy rain has ceased. The size of the storage containers, and their locations, will be enough to handle all flood waters throughout the region.

The flood waters will be then filtered and pumped back to the people. Electrical power will also be generated and distributed throughout the region.

There are three books related to Advanced Flood Control.

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